Oil Field Chemicals

Oil / Water Separation Process Chemicals

Oil /water separation by the different gravity of the two phases is a very slow process, but can be accelerated by the assistance of chemicals. The chemicals used are termed demulsifiers, antifoam and water clarifiers /deoilers. We supply a range of demulsifiers, antifoam and water clarifiers /deoilers that give our customers the confidence that their processes are controlling.


Emulsion breaking is one of the most complex and situational aspects of oilfield chemistry. Stable emulsions encountered in oil production are normally composed of varying levels of water or brine dispersed in a continuous oil phase. These emulsions are stabilised by compounds occurring naturally in the crude. The severity of the emulsion formed and thus the ease at which it can be broken is dependent on:
1- Physical and chemical properties of the crude oil
2- Production temperature
3- Distance between reservoir and topsides
4- Degree of agitation experienced between reservoir and separator, turbulent flow presence of solids (sand, clay, bacteria, scale, asphaltenes, corrosion product, napthenates) and / or natural surfactants which act to stabilise the emulsion.
Demulsifier or emulsion breakers that separates the water from the “water/crude oil” emulsion. Demulsifier additive chemical breaks the crude oil emulsion into crude oil and water. Demulsifiers are key components of production formulations which enable the quick separation of produced water from oil. Separating crude oil from water can be very time critical due to short residence time. Vira Baspar Bartar Co. create the new demulsifier formulation for demulsification of crude oil emulsion. Demulsifier selection by us is normally carried out in the field by our highly experienced bottle testing engineers. A wide selection of demulsifier chemistries are screened individually and in the form of blends.


Anti-foaming additive suppresses foam when all types of crude oil tanks are being cleaned. Foaming is a function of crude oil type which either permits small gaseous bubbles to be encased in a thin film of crude oil as the gas comes out of the crude oil solution or permits gaseous bubbles as the viscosity and surface tension of the crude oil changes and mechanically unlocks the gas. Anti-foaming additive avoids operational cost increases due to foam induced crude oil supply disruption. Anti-foaming solutions have employed chemicals, heat, or mechanical processes such as settling, agitation, or centrifugal force. Each process provides solutions, but can also create additional problems necessitating further remediation. Vira Baspar anti-foaming additive employs new chemistry to solve the foaming challenge without creating additional problems necessitating further remediation. Silicone-based Vira Baspar defoamers are polymers with silicon backbones. These might be delivered as an oil or a water based emulsion. These are also heavy duty defoamers and are good at both knocking down surface foam and releasing entrained air. Our defoamers are suitable in non-aqueous foaming systems like crude oil and oil refining.

Water clarifiers / Deoilers

Tightening legislation has encouraged many organizations to review their treatment of challenging oil / water mixtures. Depending on the regional requirements, residual oil limits can range from 40 ppm to as low as 10 ppm. For removing residual oil from produced water or separating waste oil and oil sludge, Vira Baspar Bartar Co. offers a broad range of water clarifiers (deoilers), covering different molecular weights, ionicity, and chemistries. We offer a series of water clarifiers, and chelates designed to work under various production conditions, allowing you to safely and effectively clear your oil and gas production water. The benefits of our products include:
1- improves control of separation vessels
2- Meets discharge requirements for produced water
3- Improves injectivity of produced water
4- Recovers more sellable oil from produced fluids
5- Leaves clear water with minimal suspended oil or solids
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