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Desalination System Water Treatment

Innovations in the water industry play a key role in this process. One such example is water desalination: turning salt water into fresh water suitable for human consumption. Modern desalination facilities also employ this process, but due to the high consumption of energy when heating the water in thermal desalination process, specific membranes were developed in the 1970s. Nowadays, both thermal desalination and membrane methods are used and desalinated seawater is one major alternative to ground water, helping to meet the problem of water scarcity in dry regions. Chemistry significantly contributes to innovative water treatment solutions. Vira Baspar Bartar Co. provides the most advanced chemical solutions and services to service companies making us the preferred partner for various industries involved in water treatment that range from water production through water use to water purification.

Vira Baspar Bartar Co. offers a wide range of innovative chemicals for desalination system water treatment include the following products.

Chemical Additives for Membrane Processes

The reverse osmosis process is used to purify water by membrane filtration. Scaling and bio-fouling of the membrane can cause expensive downtime or costly repairs. Vira Baspar Bartar Co. supply physical and chemical solutions that maintain a high permeate flow without risk to the membrane. We offer a wide range of advanced chemicals to provide several key performance benefits including cost, convenience, operational performance and environmental impact include the following products.

Antiscalants and Dispersants

Vira RO antiscalant is a high performance chemical pretreatment that controls inorganic salts, metal hydroxides, and colloids in RO feedwater. Its unique performance characteristics provide users with more complete control of system feed water chemistry, reducing membrane fouling and minimizing cleaning requirements.


Vira carries dechlorination chemicals for use in Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems. It is well known that the water industry standard, thin film composite polyamide RO membranes are intolerable to oxidizers used in water treatment such as chlorine or chloramine. Removal of oxidizers prior to reaching the filtration membranes is essential as contact with oxidizers significantly reduces overall impurity rejection over time. We produce an excellent reverse osmosis de-chlorinator based on sodium bisulfite/metabisulfite which are used for the elimination of residual chlorine prior to RO membrane systems.


Non-oxidizing, non-ionic biocides can be used either on line or as part of a cleaning program to control biofouling in reverse osmosis (RO) membranes. The two products widely used are 2,2-dibromo-3-nitrilopropionamide (DBNPA) and isothiazolone. These products are fully compatible with polyamide (PA) and cellulose acetate (CA) membranes. We also offer two high performance alternatives, chlorine dioxide and a hydrogen operoxide solution synergised with colloidal silver.


Vira Baspar Bartar Co. produces excellent Flocculants for reverse osmosis. It is a liquid polymer designed to aid precipitation of suspended solids such as iron oxide, mud and other soft foulants. Our product can be used in all water types, including sea water and brackish water. It is fully compatible with all membrane systems.

Our product benefits

Effective against a wide range of naturally occuring foulants existing as suspended solids in all water types.

Compatible with all types of membrane.
Liquid product, safe and simple to handle.
Enhances the performance of all types of filtration equipment.

Membrane Cleaner (Acid cleaner and alkaline cleaner)

Vira Baspar Bartar Co. produces acid and alkaline membrane cleaners for cleaning RO, UF, MF membrane elements. In normal operation, the membrane in reverse osmosis elements can become fouled by suspended solids, microorganisms, and mineral scale. These deposits build up during operation and cause loss in water output or salt rejection, or both. Acid cleaners and alkaline cleaners are the standard cleaning chemicals. The acid cleaners are used to remove inorganic precipitates including iron, while the alkaline cleaners are used to remove organic fouling including biological matter. Sulfuric acid should not be used for cleaning because of the risk of calcium sulfate precipitation. Reverse osmosis permeate or deionized water should be used for the preparation of cleaning solutions.

Reverse Osmosis Corrosion Inhibitor

The product water from a reverse osmosis plant system invariably has a lower pH and as such is corrosive to carbon steel and other metals used in water storage and distribution systems. If left untreated such corrosion can have a detrimental effect leading to increased down time, additional maintenance expenditure and reduced life cycle costs. Corrosion products such as iron oxide also give RO treated water a discoloration often referred to as “red water”. It is therefore important to control the impact of corrosion on such systems using a suitable corrosion inhibitor.

Chemical Additives for Thermal Desalination

Thermal desalination process is the widely used desalination techniques all along the world. In thermal desalination, the specific amount of heat is provided to the water, so that the water starts boiling. The water vapors escape from the liquid water and are collected. Then these water vapors are condensed by the condensing units, and this treated water is then transferred to the other units for the further treatment. Vira Baspar Bartar Co. offers a comprehensive portfolio of chemical solutions that can be used throughout the thermal desalination process which include the following products.

Antiscalant or Antiscale

For thermal desalination, the Vira antiscalant is approved for use in major Multiple Effect Distillation (MED) and Multistage Flash (MSF) thermal seawater desalination plants worldwide.


Vira anti foam is a pure organic, readily biodegradable antifoam that provides excellent foam control for thermal desalination processes at low dosage rates. Our antifoaming agent ensures that bubbles are destabilized at the surface and burst. The desired efficiency can be attained through the individual composition of our products.
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